Who is God? (Trinity)

This paper is based on Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics Volume 2. I have chosen to focus on the person of the Trinity and will be defending the statement that God is three persons and one God.  “All salvation, every blessing, and blessedness have their threefold cause in God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”(1) EachContinue reading “Who is God? (Trinity)”

What happens if people do not hear the Gospel?

This paper was written as a case study for class at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, to address more or less the question above. God has allowed His children to hear the Gospel and accept its special revelation. As a believer, it is known that the Gospel is the Good News that comes to teach ofContinue reading “What happens if people do not hear the Gospel?”

Limited atonement

by Jake Burlaga. ( In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for TH212 Boyce college) edited for this blog. Posted with approval of the author. In this paper, the argument is that Jesus Christ died explicitly for the elect. The paper will be split into three parts. Concerning the first part of the paper, it willContinue reading “Limited atonement”

Analytical Summary and review of “We Have No ‘Right to Happiness” by C.S Lewis

C.S. Lewis, “We Have No ‘Right to Happiness’” (1963). Analytical Summary and review This article was initially written for PH103, Boyce college, and has been edited for this blog.  C. S. Lewis is a world-renowned author and leader in the Christian faith. In this short essay written by Lewis, we learn about problems facing hisContinue reading “Analytical Summary and review of “We Have No ‘Right to Happiness” by C.S Lewis”


A REFLECTION PAPER SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OFTHE REQUIREMENTS FOR OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY II. (REVISED FOR THIS BLOG.) The issue of theodicy is not so much an issue, as it is a failure to understand total depravity and the heart within. To be made in the image of God is not to be God Himself.Continue reading “THE ISSUE OF THEODICY”

Analysis of Mary Did You Know

The song Mary did you know was written in 1984, by Mark Lowry, and music by Buddy Greene in 1991. This post is merely my view and analysis of Mary Did You Know. “Mary Did, You Know”, is a song which many Christians have grown up hearing. This classic Christmas song is firmly fixed within theContinue reading “Analysis of Mary Did You Know”

Why the history of the Ancient Near Eastern matters.

Written for class (HS105) at Boyce college, edited for this blog.  A knowledge of Ancient Near Eastern History is essential for evangelical Christians to have so that they will have a better understanding and grasp of the ancient cultures, environments, and religions/folklore. By studying Ancient Near Eastern History, an individual can look back in timeContinue reading “Why the history of the Ancient Near Eastern matters.”

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