Suggested reading list

Here is my suggested reading list for December- January.

(1) The Screw Tape Letters, by C.S Lewis.

This book, while a swift read, is full of convection, and helps the reader to envision the powers of darkness, how they think, and how they react to God’s grace. This book is not a biography. This book is a fiction and should be handled as such; do not hold these words in high reguard or biblical law as they are only the speculations and imagination of C.S. Lewis. 

(2) A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.

This book is one to bring joy and lightheartedness to you. This book can be read in under 5 hours and is a masterpiece of literary genius. Though this book is not a book of Theology and I do not suggest reading it as an allegory, it is beneficial to kick back and enjoy the ride as Dickens takes us for an adventure into London. 

(3) Humble Calvinism, J. A. Medders

This book is one of love, grace, and conviction. Medders make’s a point to show appreciation for Calvinists (like himself) while pointing out the struggles which plague the modern movement. Humble Calvinism is a book I wish I had read when I was 16, as it shows that even when you are theologically correct, it is easy to find your self focusing on converting people to follow John Calvin rather than Christ. 

(4) All of Grace, C.H Spurgeon.

All of Grace will make your heart feel alive. This is a book that helps the brokenhearted find joy in Christ, restores the hatred of sin, and helps Christians to follow God with a genuine heart of grace. If you are or have struggled with the feeling that habitual sin is swallowing you, and there is nothing you can do, Spurgeon’s All of Grace will help you find joy in life through the Scripture.

(5) Church in Hard Places, Mez McConnell & Mike McKinley.

Church in Hard Places will break your heart for your brothers who are pastoring in broken and sorrow filled places. And for sister churches who are being planted in the hardest areas on the planet. After reading this book, you will have a more significant appreciation for ministries, such as 20 Schemes, who deal with places such as these. 

As you read these books, please pray for the people groups mentioned within the pages, pray for conversion, pray that the Lord opens your heart and that you are changed by reading these texts. 

Grace and peace be to you.

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