Analysis of Mary Did You Know

The song Mary did you know was written in 1984, by Mark Lowry, and music by Buddy Greene in 1991. This post is merely my view and analysis of Mary Did You Know.

“Mary Did, You Know”, is a song which many Christians have grown up hearing. This classic Christmas song is firmly fixed within the Southern Baptist community, but it raises the question; Mary, did you know? 

This is a question that at face value may be hard to answer. The words of the song walk through the life of Christ and repeatedly ask the question Mary, did you know?  I will break this question down into two different parts. 

1: Did Mary know who her child would grow up to be? 

Yes! The fact of the matter is that through Divine intervention, Mary was aware of what her child would do. And would ultimately fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 9. From this child, the new age would be ushered in, a period where Israel would last forever. Mary knew the child would be the king who sat on David’s throne. The culture Mary lived in would have to know the prophecies of Isaiah, as these things were not hidden from them. Mary would have quickly associated the words of the angel to the words spoken in Isaiah. This is to say that she would not have questioned the things her child was destined to accomplish. The question of if Mary comprehended that Jesus would be defeating sin and not just the Romans is answered by what the angel told Joseph, which was that Jesus had a clear purpose for coming (Matthew 1:21). The name God With Us embodies who Christ is. The deity of Christ was made known to Mary, Joseph, The Shepherds, and possibly the Magi (Luke 1:35, Matthew 1:20, Luke 2:16-18). 

Events in the Life of Christ would affirm who Jesus was time and time again and would point to who Jesus was. We can read in Luke 2:19, “But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” You would not soon forget if an angel appeared to you, your husband, and Shepherds telling you that your son (remembering Mary was a virgin) was the divine son of God. I doubt that Mary forgot the things said about Jesus, and the actions of Jesus as he grew up would have affirmed his divine nature and the Love he had for Yahweh, his Father. 
I could go on about the life of Christ, how Mary knew Jesus had power, and so on. But my last example is seen in John 2:1-11. When Mary requests Jesus to provide wine for the wedding, Mary does not question if Jesus could, nor is this a question of the power, wisdom, or understanding of Jesus. Instead, Mary asks her son, who she knows is God made flesh for help. 

2: Did Mary know the things her child would do?

Yes and no. I would say that Mary had a divine revelation(through the angel), and the ability to read/know Isaiah and other Old Testament texts would have been able to grasp that Jesus, the Christ would do many great things. To question Mary, did you know this? Or Mary did you know that? These questions are foolish statements as no mother can predict the actions of her children. Mary would have had a better understanding of what Jesus would do during his time on earth than modern mothers when looking at there children. 

If this song is a rhetorical question, it is poorly phrased. If this is a genuine question, we have to ask, in what sense? In the mind of, did she know she was kissing the son of God? Yes. Did she know he would walk on water? Probably not. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. 

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